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    Yahya Kaptan Ortaokulu

    Yahya Kaptan Ortaokulu

    Yahyakaptan is a secondary school with 1076 pupils (Aged 12 -15) and 58 teachers in Kocaeli.The Secondary School “Yahyakaptan” ensures a favorable climate with equal opportunities for pupils, whatever the ethnicity or religious beliefs, it provides a proper environment for personal development by broadening the mind, the intercultural and multicultural education. 

    As Kocaeli is one of the largest industrial cities of Turkey, there is an intensive migration flow to our city from the surrounding cities. In our city, we have low-income families as well as very high-income families.The school has a lot of expertise in cultural development program in refugee and imigrants,A STRATEGIC PLAN can be developed with a strong and developing standard of living and economic structure, of which continuity can be monitored,based on knowledge and planning foundations, strategic objectives and application activities to be performed within the planned period. Considering the main objectives specified in the 2020 strategy plan of the EU Commission, all of the institutions in our country make a strategic plan covering the priorities of the relevant institution once in every four years. Therefore, as set forth in the strategic plan of our school covering 2019-2023, having our
    pupils reach a better level of education, preventing premature drop outs/early school leaving and ensuring academic, physical and mental development of them and raising generations that will move us forward are among our priority objectives
    With this project we aim to increase pupis' motivation, offering them opportunities for professional and personal development. The school interest to develop the capacityto cooperate at European level is done through the participation and implementation of some European projects: Comenius, eTwinning.This partnership is an important step in achieving the school strategic goals. Thus, one of the main focus of participating on this project is related to increasing academic motivation and attendance after this age.The project will make them conscious of the importance of having a qualification in order to work and get along with professionals not only from the same country, but from different point of Europe. The school has participated in comenius and etwining projects but we have no Erasmus+ experiences.Comenius and eTwining projects;

    • Let’s Celebrate Together,
    • Music and Words that connect our cultures
    • Europe
    • I want to get to know each other,
    • We lead the ways towards Europe,
    • Web2.0 tools (ICT) The school already organizes they workshops aimed at improving the students´ crosscurruricular competences and critical thinking and therefore their competitiveness in their future life.Our pupils take part in various competitions and get lots of rewards.

    From the year 2006 the students can take advantage of a modern sport gym hall. There is a possibility to play basketball, volleyball, handball as well as badminton. In the outside of the school there is a football pitch and a basketball court, too. Every year the students of our school participate willingly in a Sports Day. Plenty of sport contests are organized then and the best sport class is chosen as the winning one. Everyone can admire the sport cups, diplomas or certificates which are displayed in the honourable place inside the school.

    During the school year they are also involved in different sport activities like matches or competitions with the other local schools. It is the way of motivating students towards healthy lifestyle.There are 15 programs-clubs in our school-artistic, sport, drama, technology, intellectual, linguistic expression. One of the main directions in our school is creative educationthe school implements ethnic cultural traditions through music, theatre,literature, art, games.Most of our teachers have been involved in our Comenius project of 2012-2014 and have gained a lot of expertise in the development, co-ordination and work associated with such a project. Our staff work exceptionally well as a team. We are involved in etwinning portal and have engaged with other European teachers and students in projects and in educational courses


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