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    Istituto Statale Ignazio Buttitta

    Istituto Comprensivo Statale Ignazio Buttitta

    Ignazio Buttitta School is situated in an economically disadvantaged suburb of Bagheria, a town just a few kilometers from Palermo. Our students live in a poor economic, cultural and social environment where the access to culture is significantly limited or absent

    Their parents are mostly uneducated, unemployed, some are part time/seasonal workers and do not care much about their children's education. They often rely on school their children education who having no positive models to inspire them, often come to episodes of deviance. As a result some students abandon school earlier. In this context our school plays the role of an essential educational, training and aggregation agency able to activate actions and paths of adequate value to recover and contrast hidden problematic situations and relational hardships. The school arranges afternoon classes and clubs aiming to strengthen the basic skills of students in order to compensate the disadvantages of their cultural, economic and social background and reduce the phenomenon of school dropouts.

    The teachers propose activities through innovative approaches which put the student at the center of the learning process and enhance their learning style and their spirit of initiative to deal effectively. The goal is above all to strengthen the skills of communication in the mother tongue, in foreign languages and in science and maths.

    Every year the school take part in regional and national contests such as Drama and Art promoting our culture and history through activities that highlight the local music, dance, dialect and traditions. The school has started a process of integration of non-EU immigrants for years and this has led to the realization of initiatives of welcome, social and educational, cultural exchange and socialization among people of different nationalities. Since 1999 the school has been running European projects as coordinator and partner (Comenius, Individual Pupil Mobility, eTwinning projects, PON and Erasmus+ projects) involving teachers, pupils and parents in activities carried out together with other EU countries. This has proved to be useful both for the students who have had the opportunity to get to know other realities and appreciate the "knowledge" and for the teachers themselves who have met colleagues of different nationalities within the EU and have gained a broader understanding of practices, policies and systems of education of different countries


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