Transnational Project Meeting Romania. May 2023

    This final meeting was used to analyze project results and prepare the final report. This meeting took place in the SCOALA GIMNAZIALA MARIA ROSETTI, ROMANIA FROM 8TH TO 10TH OF May 2023. The main GOALS were :To properly monitor the project, evaluation of the project and each activity, highlight items of added value achieved through adaptation, implementation and evaluation of innovative practices / activities and evaluate the impact/results achieved

    PROGRAM OF THE TRANSNATIONAL PROJECT MEETING of Erasmus+ project ”Let’s share our treasures” 2020-1-ES01-KA227-SCH-09557108–10.05.2023


    • 09:30WelcomePartnersinthe main hall of the school by the Headmaster of the school, Mr. Adrian Aichimoaie.
    • 09:40 Section 1 - Partners’ Presentation of their local report (15’ approx. per partner, including photos, videos, etc.) Turkey,Lithuania,Croatia
    • 10:30CoffeeBreak
    • 10:45Section2-Partners’Presentationoftheirlocal report (15’ approx. per partner, including photos, videos, etc.) Italy, Romania, Spain
    • 11:30 Evaluation of the achievement of the project’s aims and objectives
    • 12:00 Discussions about Monitory and Evaluation of Communication between partners
    • 12:30 Discussions about Partners’ responsibilities and tasks
    • 13:00 Lunch Time
    • 15:00 Evaluation of the results of the Mobilities - LTTA Short-term joint stafftraining events 16:00 Evaluation of the results of the Mobilities –LTTA Short-term exchanges ofgroups of pupils
    • 17:00 End of first day


    • 09:30 Evaluation of the Common activities
    • 11:00 Coffee Break
    • 11:30 Analisys of the final products –web-page, blog, Facebook, poster, logo, etc
    • 13:30 Lunch
    • 14:30 Presentation of the Platform of Mobility tools and working on it
    • 16:30 End of meeting


    • 09:30 Discussions about the project’s Budget Categories for each partner on IT lab
    • 11:00 Coffee Break
    • 11:20 Evaluation of the project’ quality of the project activities and results
    • 13:00 Lunch Time
    • 14:00 Preparing the Final report
    • 15:00 Quality Questionnaire
    • 15:15 Awarding the Certification of attendance End of meeting 

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