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    When pupils go to school they meet others from diffrent socio-cultural backgrounds and have opportunities to make new experiences in a new social environmwent. We, the partners from, SPAIN-the coordinator, TR-RO-HR-LT and IT now have an enormous responsibility to ensure that our pupils develop cultural awareness and are engaged in acts of citizenship,not only within our schools and surrounding areas,but as active members of the global community and each partner organisation brings different experience and competences regarding educational systems,history and cultures in their countries.

    Our special goals are:
    1. To make pupils aware that all individuals may be different.
    2. To reduce the influence of media and social media on pupils.
    3. Providing cultural fusion by breaking prejudices among children.
    4. To teach the pupils the basic elements of different beliefs.
    5. Adopting the importance of respecting individual differences on ensuring peace in the society for the pupils,their parents and teachers.
    Teachers and pupils will have the chance to exchange their experinces and knowledge. So it will contribute to the school athmophere and teaching profession. They will also develop their communication skills in english. Disadvantaged pupils will be more active and open to changes. With a positive climate in schools, education will be of high quality. The aim of the project is to have a positive impact on the development of pupils' key competencies through building teachers capacity on competence oriented education. Collaboration (teamwork, peer learning, social skills, creating learning material and testing them in transnational teams). A huge number of people (about 4500) is expected to be involved in the activities of our project and will contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the project (e.g. Pupils' age "12-15", teachers, parents, NGOs, representatives of The Ministry of Culture and of Education and Municipality).

    Acquisition of skills and compentences for all the involved subjects


    • improvement of the pupils' digital skills
    • drawing pupils' attention into tolerance, cultural differences and respecting different opinions.
    • giving interest and admiration to our pupils for their natural and cultural heritage.
    • emphasizing the importance of cultural heritage as an indispensable element in our lives,
    • ensuring the risks threatening the integrity of knowledge, value, appreciation and sustainable use of not only the economical, but also social and cultural aspects.
    • enabling pupils to interact with pupils from different cultures, traditions and backgrounds.
    • integrating a foreign language with the concepts of European citizenship and multiculturalism
    • developing exchanges and collaboration between schools to improve pupils' language skills - especially English and to develop their cross-skills
    • helping social and emotional intelligence to live together,
    • encouraging pupils to come to school and to help reduce early disability and school failure,
    • fighting discrimination and preventing xenophobia
    • Sharing information and working in international teams will enable us to learn other cultures and ways to think better, and to be more respectful and tolerant to other countries and lifestyles.
    • raising our European conscienceness to feel that we are a part of Europe, and thus to become an active European citizen


    • increased motivation thanks to the contact with other colleagues from other countries in Europe
    • professional development (increase in use of English as a communication language improvement in the ability of using digital tools as planned in the school development plan
    • better understanding of the importance
    Participating Organisations
    Applicant Organisation
    • IES Bahía de Almería (Spain)
    Partner Organisations
    • Scoala Gimnaziala Maria Rosetti (Romania)
    • Yahya Kaptan Ortaokulu (Turkey)
    • Kauno Milikoniu progimnazija (Lithuania)
    • Istituto Comprensivo Statale Ignazio Buttitta (Italy)
    • Osnovna skola Vrgorac (Croatia)

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