Transnational Project Meeting Almería. October 2021

    This first TPM was held at IES Bahía de Almería, in Almería, Spain from 4th to 6th October 2021. Two teachers from each partner school attended the meeting. The purpouses of the meeting were:

    • To present institutions briefly, their educational systems and the current activities on ICT Implementation & integration into education
    • To coordinate project teams and share the inter-partnership duties & responsibilities.
    • To agree time and budget management of the project across partners To validate the Project Management Guidelines
    • To agree on Communication, Dissemination and Evaluation and Quality Plan
    • To agree the procedures to be used by means of preparation, adaptation and implementation, monitoring, reporting, online presence and evaluation
    • To agree the documentation to be used such as travel costs, time sheets,etc
    • To agree on the website contents/tasks and responsibilities to develop it in a best way

    To agree on the project logo and project corporate design


    Day one: 4th October

    8:30 Headmaster, delegate of education and our province multilingual responsible, were present to welcome our partners and to support Erasmus+ program. Parents association from our school were also invited. Spanish folklore showed by our students

    9:00 Partners’ Presentation (10’ aprox per partner) and exchange of presents

    10:00 Reception by Educational Local Authorities

    10:30 Visiting the school

    11:15 Coffee break

    12: 00 Work session:

    • Overview of project’s aims and objectives -Discussions about the details of the Project’s Management Plan -Partners’ responsibilities and tasks -Details of the Work Plan and deadlines
    • Budget organization

    14: 00 Partners questions- End of first day

    Tuesday 5th

    08:30 Work session:

    • Details of the Communication Plans
    • Financial Rules. Justification
    • Details of the Monitoring and Assessment plan
    • Briefing for Risk’s plan

    10: 00 Short walk around the school and coffee break

    11:00 Almería cultural

    14:45 Partners disscusion. End of day 2.

    Wednesday 6th

    09:00 Work session:

    • Discussion about the second day subjects
    • Activities to develop per partner
    • Quality of project’s final results
    • Dissemination and Exploitation

    11:00 Coffee break

    12:00 Archaelogical Museum

    13:30 Final work session at the school. - Fix Date of next meeting - Summarizing activities for coming months - awarding Attendance Certificates

    14: 45 - Quality Questionnaire - End of the meeting

    KICK OFF MEETING MINUTE: We detailed the

    • Implementation Plan with activities for the next period October-November 2021 Partners’ responsibilities and tasks Communication Plan Monitoring plan
    • Evaluation in schooJ and Evaluation of the partnership Publicity and the Dissemination of the activities and final products Financial Rules Risk Management Plan We analyze achievement of the following indicators:
      • knowledge about the importance of European local cultures and identity of the people
      • communication skills and civic behavior of pupils
      • active participation of pupils and teachers at project’s activities
      • pupil’s and teachers assuming project’s responsibilities and their involvement in project’s management

    We established the date for the:

    • next meeting in Lithuania during 15 — 11.2021
    • the activities during the next Short-term joint staff training events” CULTURAL HERITAGE & WEB2.0 AND CLIL”
    • Deadline for delivery next outcomes of the project and responsibilities among the partners
    • the activities developed in the project till now, achieved the project’s objectives
    • After evaluations carried out at local and partnership level, it was concluded that the project is developed according to our expectations
    • The Impact and Dissemination of the project are assessed as good and very good.

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