Kauno Milikoniu progimnazija

    Kauno Milikoniu progimnazija The school is progymnasium (general education (primary and Ist grade secondary )) with...

    Category: Schools

    Istituto Statale Ignazio Buttitta

    Istituto Comprensivo Statale Ignazio Buttitta Ignazio Buttitta School is situated in an economically disadvantaged...

    Category: Schools

    Osnovna skola Vrgorac

    Osnovna skola Vrgorac "Osnovna škola Vrgorac" is a primary school placed in Vrgorac, a small town of some 2500 people...

    Category: Schools

    IES Bahía de Almería

    IES Bahía de Almería The school IES Bahía de Almería is a public secondary school situated in the urban area of the...

    Category: Schools

    Scoala Gimnaziala Maria Rosetti

    Scoala Gimnaziala Maria Rosetti Scoala Gimnaziala Maria Rosetti it's a primary and secondary public school in...

    Category: Schools

    Yahya Kaptan Ortaokulu

    Yahya Kaptan Ortaokulu Yahyakaptan is a secondary school with 1076 pupils (Aged 12 -15) and 58 teachers in...

    Category: Schools
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