Learning, Teaching and Training Activities Lithuania. November 2021

    This 1st project LTTA focused on preparing teachers from all partner schools on ICT use in project activities implementation and how to integrate intercultural based educational courses into regular school subjects. It was held in Kauno Milikonių progimnazija, Kaunas (Lithuania) from 15th to 19th November 2021.

    DAY ONE:

    Mr. Janas Ryzgelis, the school headmaster, Kauno Milikonių progimnazija, opened the meeting with the welcome speech. He talked about the main objectives of the Erasmus + project and the training sessions.He highlighted the importance of this education theme to promote the continuing professional development of educational staff and students with different cultural heritage. It has also been stressed that it is necessary to create a teaching curriculum tailored to such situations, focusing on eliminating students' skills shortages in basic subjects. It is also necessary to prepare educators with competences in teaching and using modern pedagogical tools aimed at students at risk. Introduction to the school and attended different clases

    • Presented informative materials (Power Point, movies) about the educational systems in their countries. Module 1: “How to deal with different cultural background”
    • presented of a material about the meaning of the “social inclusion” in school All the participants present 2 cases study of social inclusion situations that occurred at their schools and they have personally observed.

    In the end of the first day there were:

    • Discussion and feedback from all partners:
    • discussions about partners’ school involvement in educating European values like tolerance, solidarity, respect for others.

    DAY 2, Tuesday, November 16, 2021

    The second day began with the Module 2: "ICT and CLIL in education" and Digital resources for cooperative and project based learning as well as CLIL methodologies.

    • workshop regarding using ICT (WEB2.0 TOOLS) in education and getting familiar with useful apps for CLIL and related it with the 4Cs; The participants at the workshop were the partners and the teachers of the hosting school and also the members of the local authority Mrs. Raimonda Jančiauskienė local authority from Education department (Lithuania) (scholastic authorities) and local ICT trainer Mr. Gytis Cibulskas, KTU lecturer (Lithuania) Traditional handicraft workshops related to Lithuanian folklore and Lithuanian cuisine. Participants were encouraged in creativity, meeting others, knowledge of other cultures and participation.

    The results of the Module 2 of the Short – Term Joint Training Event were the following:

    • The implementation of all these new resources and methodology in daily teaching practice.
    • Participants were encouraged in creativity, meeting others, knowledge of other cultures and participation.
    • Briefing on the results of the training event

    DAY 3, Wednesday, November 17, 2021

    Module 3: eTwinning platform

    • discussion about effective ways of using the eTwinning network at schools. The main goal of the discussion was providing the theoretical & methodological framework for the usage of the eTwinning platform. Mrs. J. Reklaitienė introduced to the participants eTwinning platform usage and important tools which allows every partner to work on the platform in a coordinated way in the future meetings.
    • Vocabulary games in foreign languages. The participants presented the vocabulary games they use in teaching foreign languages at their schools. All the partners learned how to use and practiced them and got acquainted with the importance of usage while learning-teaching foreign languages. Handbook “ICT and CLIL in education” Activities and tools
    • Practical training. All the partners and local team practiced ICT tools presented by Mrs. Eglė Paliliūnaitė, Mrs. Jurgita Bartainienė, Mrs. Jolanta Reklaitienė and made a final product of the meeting.

    DAY 4, Thursday, November 18, 2021 Connection between the school and the project’s aims:

    • Discussion about possible risks in rolling up of the project’s activitie
    • Development of Problem Solving- Effective Communication Visit on cultural heritage to the city of Kaunas.

    Participants took part in guided excursions around Kaunas and its sites and got acquainted with the Capital of Culture in 2022. Discussion and feedback from all partners

    DAY 5, Friday, November 19, 2021

    Museum education. Visiting

    • Vilnius and Trakai. All the partners visited Vilnius and Trakai and got acquainted with the cultural heritage and allowed us to strengthen links between the different cultures of the project.
    • Discussion and feedback from all partners. All the partners briefed on the results of the training event. They attended the farewell ceremony and got a mobility certificate award.

    The day ended in a briefing on the results of the training event with the evaluation through questionnaires.

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