Learning, Teaching and Training Activities Turkey. March 2022

    This is the 2nd project LTTA in TURKEY. Spain, Italy, Romania, Croatia and Lithuania have explored Turkish culture with the help of Turkish host pupils. Participants: 4 pupils and 2 teachers from each partner school. This LTTA was held YAHYA KAPTAN ORTAOKULU , Izmit, from 21st to 25th March 2022.

    DAY 1:Arrived at school, Open ceremony with songs and turkish dance exhibition. school visit. Illustration of traditional song were showed by host pupils with the help of host teachers. they chose one traditional song which they presented to guests. The song was explained to the guests and they talked about the context of the song,history, author, why was the song important to them. The song was translated into English language. Pupils will learn to sing the song and perform it the last day of the meeting. Turkish students introduced the rest of students into typical turkish cuisine. Host students learnt to prepared proper turkish meal and dessert (Pişmaniye) and visited a Pişmaniye factory. While preparing the meal, they experienced the collaborative working and the pleasured of enjoying different tastes.

    DAY 2:Traditional handicraft workshop - guest and host pupils had workshops on practise Turkish dances which are very distinguished part of Turkish cultural heritage. During workshops they learnt about Turkish history and traditions.

    DAY 3:Famous sports people from each country - in transnational groups pupils explored famous people from each partner's country who were famous sports people.They found basic information about each famous person and created E-Booklet which will be available online with possibility to print it.The booklet is in English.

    DAY 4: Explored Oscar and Nobel Prize winners from each partner country- in transnational groups pupils explored Oscar and Nobel prize winners.They found basic information about each famous person and create E-Booklet which will be available online with possibility to print it. Visiting museum - while visiting the museum, pupils saw the museum collection and exhibition of items from history of place, county and country.

    DAY 5:LTTA conclusions and evaluation; feedback forms were filled in.Farewell ceremony,.The objectives of the exchange was increasing pupils awareness for cultural heritages,social, language and ICT skills.The methodology was adapted to the needs, we will carry out evaluation plan during the whole project. we think we comply with objectibes of the project because:

    => Pupils learnt and put into practice 21st century competences and soft skills: intercultural awareness, foreign languages, team work and cooperation, peer learning and cooperation and individual responsibility.

    => They got an input on the influence of heritage on our identity and how our heritage can explain part of our main features as a group.

    =>They learnt about the importance of immaterial heritage and about the history of their partner countries, finding similarities and differences among them.

    => There is always possibility of keeping in touch with the host family after the meeting and by that, being more motivated to continue learning about the country,language and culture and also to plan future visits.

    => They visited places they have probably never been to and that also broad their knowledge.Pupils improved their English language skills while working on projects activities and while communicating with other pupils involved.

    => They have more self -confidence.Activities is a cultural enrichment for the participating pupils and they will strengthen links between the different cultures of the project and participating schools.

    => Families had the opportunity to show the main features of their own culture and appreciate that there is not a big difference among pupils from different parts of Europe. They also learnt about intercultural awareness and the importance of foreign languages nowadays

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