Transnational Project Meeting Italy. May 2022

    The second Transnational Project Meeting took place on May 30-June1 2022 at Istituto Comprensivo Ignazio Buttitta Bagheria-Italy.

    The purpose of this meeting was to assess the progress of the project,resolve any potential problems might be emerged, the effects of the project on students and the school staff, evaluation of the outcomes, dissemination activities and quality evaluation in order to write the reports.

    Day 1.: After a kindly welcome by the headmaster, Mr Giuseppe Carlino, theguests visited the school and then met together in the meeting room. Mr Antonino Maggiore, the project coordinator, acted as the Chair and Mrs Nunzia De Luca recorded the minutes. The coordinator distributed the Agenda which was unanimously approved by the attendees and asked the partners to present their outcomes and the assessment tools. The partners agreed that the resultsofthequestionnaires,polls,rubricsandsurveyswerepositiveandboththeactivitiesandthe project products showed that the objectives were achieved at a great extent. In the afternoon Mr Antonino Maggiore, Mrs Amelia Panzeca, Mr Marco Maggiore and Mr Camilo De Lisi to ok the group to a sightseeing in Cefalù to visit the Cathedral, a World Heritage Site.

    Day 2.: The group focused on the effects of the project on students and school staff. The coordinator invited the partners to outline the strengths and/or weaknesses of the project effects on the students, families and teachers. After an extensive discussion it was clear that so far the project had a positive impact on the students as they improved their ICT and the English language skills; they also showed great interests and passions in the activities which helped them to get to now other cultures, tradition, languages and ways of life. As far as the teaching staff concerns teachers exchanged good pedagogical strategies, learnt about different teaching methods and different educational systems. TheirEnglishcompetence developed as well. Dissemination was also an important part todiscuss. After lunch Mr Antonino Maggiore and Mr Camilo De Lisi took the partners to Palermo to discover the local history, culture and ways of life. The sightseeing started walking through the Ballarò Market, a typical Arab Market then they visited the Cathedral built in 1184 on the site of a Muslim mosque; after that they walked down the Cassaro, I Quattro Canti and Via Maqueda where they tasted Sicilian street food.

    Day 3: he meeting focused on the evaluation of the TPM and all partners showed a positive satisfaction about the meeting, the cultural activities, accomodationand transfer from/to the airport. Also, dates for next mobilities were set (LTTA SPAIN 3-7/10/2022 , LTTA CROATIA 20-24/03/2023 AND TPM ROMANIA 8-10/ 05/2023) After the meeting Mr. Giuseppe Carlino, the headmaster, gave partners the certificate of attendance

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