• Scoala Gimnaziala Maria Rosetti

      Scoala Gimnaziala Maria Rosetti it's a primary and secondary public school in Bucharest with a stable population, mostly middle-class families. We have 850 pupils (AGE:6-15); lot of pupils belonging to different ethnical communities (Armenian, Macedonian, Rroma) and different religions (orthodox, Greco-catholic, Romano–catholic, muslims)

    • Yahya Kaptan Ortaokulu

      Yahyakaptan is a secondary school with 1076 pupils (Aged 12 -15) and 58 teachers in Kocaeli.The Secondary School “Yahyakaptan” ensures a favorable climate with equal opportunities for pupils, whatever the ethnicity or religious beliefs, it provides a proper environment for personal development by broadening the mind, the intercultural and multicultural education. 

    • Kauno Milikoniu progimnazija

      The school is progymnasium (general education (primary and Ist grade secondary )) with the students (6 – 15 years). There are 946 students and 72 staff. It is located almost in the outskirts of Kaunas, that is why we have a lot of students from suburbs. KAUNAS IS UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE AND EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF CULTURAL 2022

    • Istituto Comprensivo Statale Ignazio Buttitta

      Ignazio Buttitta School is situated in an economically disadvantaged suburb of Bagheria, a town just a few kilometers from Palermo. Our students live in a poor economic, cultural and social environment where the access to culture is significantly limited or absent

    • Osnovna skola Vrgorac

      "Osnovna škola Vrgorac" is a primary school placed in Vrgorac, a small town of some 2500 people in the South of Croatia. We are a public school from grade 1 to 8 with 552 pupils and 63 teachers. Compulsory school subjects are Mathematics, Art, Music, Croatian and English language, History, Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Design and Technology, Physical education. Optional school subjects are German, Computer Science and Religion.

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